The following officers have been elected by section members for the current fiscal year. Please write them if you have any questions about membership qualifications, or to apply for sponsorship, or to participate in any of our ongoing projects, field trips, or meetings.


Officers and Contacts
Officers and Contacts
SEC_CAR_ARutledge-webChair: Alex Rutledge, 336-274-9456, email

Alex Rutledge is a licensed geologist and engineer in the state of North Carolina. Alex graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geology in 2002 from West Virginia University, a master’s degree in geophysics in 2004 from the University of Kentucky, and a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering in 2006 from Virginia Tech. Alex’s professional experience has been primarily related to dams, including work on various dam inspections, rehabilitation projects, and new dam designs. He currently works as a Senior Geologist/Engineer with Schnabel Engineering in Greensboro, NC.
Vice Chair: Maddie German, 919-828-0577, email

Maddie German is a licensed geologist in North and South Carolina. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geology from Appalachian State University in 2005 and has spent the past six years working in the solid waste industry. Her professional focus is hydrogeological and environmental studies and site remediation. She currently works as a Project Geologist with Smith Gardner, Inc. in Raleigh.
SEC_CAR_SKelly-webTreasurer: Susan Kelly, 828-252-8310, email

Susan Kelly is a licensed geologist and engineer in the state of North Carolina. Susan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1998 and a master’s degree in hydrogeology in 2001, both from Clemson University. Susan’s professional experience has been in the environmental consulting industry. Her primary focus is on site assessment and remediation. She currently works as a Senior Engineer with Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. in Asheville, NC.
Secretary: Joanna Harbison, 704-394-6913, email

Joanna is a Staff Scientist with Shield Engineering, Inc. in Charlotte, NC and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
SEC_CAR_PWeaver-webPast Section Chair: Paul Weaver, 336-232-5210, email
Membership Chair: Eric Cross, 336-335-3174, email
Field Trip Chair: Sue Buchanan, 336-274-9456, email
Student Liaison: Rick Kolb, 919-624-6362, email
Social Committee Chair: Adam Phillips, 919-451-2553, email
Section Sponsorship Chair: Rick Kolb, 919-624-6362, email
Advisor: Jennifer Bauer, 828-296-4500, email
Advisor: Gary Rogers, email
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Webmaster: Brad Isles, email
AEG Carolinas Newsletter Editor: Jennifer B. Thomas, 704-491-7724, email
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