The Carolinas Section of AEG supports many of its activities with financial assistance provided by our sponsors. We offer several levels of sponsorship, but they all have one goal: to keep the sponsor’s name in front of our members and to bring you business. We have a real commitment to connecting our sponsors to potential buyers and will do all we can to help you build your business. Most of our members are practicing professionals with responsibility for selecting subcontractors, so our group is a great place to find new customers and to catch up with existing clients in an informal setting.

Our sponsors provide the financial support that allows us to have reasonably priced dinner meetings, host seminars, provide discounted dinner meeting costs for students, underwrite the cost of newsletters and our web site, provide geoscience mentors for students and young professionals, and support science education tools to our teachers and in our schools.  Members are urged to contact these sponsors of our section when they the require professional expertise our sponsors can provide.  A sponsor application is HERE.



EnviroEquipmentEnviro-Equipment, Inc. Denise Chew, 704-588-7970
info@enviroequipment.com; www.enviroequipment.com
ESCESC Lab Sciences. Barry Kroll, 800-767-5859
bkroll@esclabsciences.com; www.esclabsciences.com




GeobruggGeobrugg North America, LLC. Meredith Gray, 505-771-4080
meredith.gray@geobrugg.com; www.geobrugg.com
PineEnvironmentalLogoPine Environmental, Inc. Paul Federline, 866-646-7463
pfederline@pine-environmental.com; www.pine-environmental.com




pyramid_logoPyramid Environmental. Doug Canavello, 336-335-3174
doug@pyramidenvironmental.com; www.pyramidenvironmental.com
SAEDACCOSAEDACCO. Peter Byer, 803-548-2180
pbyer@saedacco.com; www.saedacco.com
schnabelSchnabel Engineering. Gary Rogers, 336-274-9456
grogers@schnabel-eng.com; www.schnabel-eng.com




addrillingA&D Environmental Services, Inc. Scott Pearce, 336-803-1783
spearce@adenviro.com; www.adenviro.com
AEdrillingAE Drilling Services, Inc. Martin Johnson, P.G., 864-288-1986
mjohnson@aedrilling.com; www.aedrilling.com
ChoiceLogoChoice Environmental Services. Nicole Manning, 919-369-1001
nicole@choice-enviro.com; www.choice-enviro.com
CCIContaminant Control, Inc. Mark Vestal, 910-484-7000
mark.vestal@cci-env.com; www.cci-env.com
con-test_logoCon-test Analytical Laboratory. Paul Konnik, 314-302-0431
paul.konnik@contestlabs.com; www.contestlabs.com
EGISEGIS, PA. Mike Vaught, 919-929-8363
gwinvest@juno.com; www.waterwellvideos.com
ENCOEnvironmental Conservation Labs (ENCO). Jim Hays, 919-467-3090
jhays@encolabs.com; www.encolabs.com
Environmental-Data-logoEnvironmental Data Resources. Todd Elmore, 336-287-2165
telmore@edrnet.com; www.edrnet.com
ESPESP Associates, P.A. Paul Weaver, 336-287-2165
pweaver@espassociates.com; www.espassociates.com
GARCO-LogoGarco, Inc. Al King, 336-683-0911
alk@egarco.com; www.egarco.com
GEX_logoGeologic Exploration, Inc. Jason Mantak, 704-872-7686
jmantak@gexnc.com; www.geologicexploration.com
MountainEnvironmentalMountain Environmental Group. Brian Bauer, 828-648-5556
bbauer@mtnenv.com; www.mountainenvironmental.com
pace-logoPace Analytical Services. Korey Drew, 704-875-9002
kory.drew@pacelabs.com; www.pacelabs.com
PrismPrism Laboratories. Angela Overcash, 800-529-6364
aovercash@prismlabs.com; www.prismlabs.com
RegenesisRegenesis. Drew Baird, PG, 864-240-9181
dbaird@regenesis.com; www.regenesis.com
TerraSonicTerrasonic International. Chris Schappell, 803-230-7992
jcs@terrasonicinternational.com; www.terrasonicinternational.com